That is why it is so important to understand all its main features before using the product. Next we will tell you what a material is and what its qualities are.

This material is very often used for the production of gazebos. Its use guarantees simplicity and speed of construction, excellent resistance to deformation, environmental friendliness and long service life.

Options for materials for the gazebo

The arbor in Kiev can be made of various materials. The most popular options include the following:

  • Brick or stone. It is considered an expensive pleasure, but pleases durability and reliability. The materials are resistant to pests as well as precipitation.
  • Wood. These include boards, pallets, cladding, OSB. Each material has pros and cons, and construction is fast and at a fair price
  • Forged metal. Pleases with exclusive registration and long service life. The price is high. Budget option - profile sheet.

You can also use cement mortar, glass, plastic, bottles, reeds or vines. These types of materials are not very popular.

Arbor from the massif or beams

We offer to compare two materials for the production of gazebos - beams and solid wood to understand what is better. The comparisons are given in the table.


Glued beam

Solid wood

Ease of construction

Installation is very easy, we allow construction by the hands, term of erection - literally 1-2 days depending on complexity and the sizes.

Self-assembly is difficult - you need to trust the professionals. Terms - 3-5 days.

Resistance to deformation

The material is resistant to deformation and the influence of external negative factors in general.

The material has shrinkage, generally resistant to weather conditions.

The need for processing

Finishing is not required - the material looks spectacular.

It is desirable to cover with varnish to increase resistance to external factors.




Advantages of an arbor from a glued beam

High-quality glued beam structures have a huge number of advantages. The gazebo, built according to the project of our specialists, has 4 key and many additional advantages.

Service life

The arbor from a glued beam is practically eternal. The service life can be 40-50 years. With additional processing to increase protection against moisture, precipitation and other negative factors, it is possible to extend the service life.

Ease of construction

Erection of arbors from a glued beam occurs simply and quickly. It is usually possible to build a structure in just 1-2 days, regardless of size.

Environmental friendliness

Glued beam pleases with ecological purity. Its composition is Carpathian spruce wood, which is grown in mountainous areas, as well as water-based glue. This combination is safe for both humans and the environment. And also it pleasantly surprises with other positive operational qualities.

Light weight of the material

Glued beam has a low weight. Due to this, there is no need to make a foundation too serious. It also saves money in the manufacture of gazebos.

In general, gazebos made of glued beams are pleased with excellent strength, resistance to cracking and deformation. Due to low thermal conductivity, high noise insulation and air permeability to be in such a room is always comfortable and convenient. This is an ideal space for relaxation, gatherings with friends. Glued beam looks very attractive due to the unique wood structure. It is possible to choose from a variety of design options - the material is very convenient in terms of architecture. And there is no need for finishing as such, as the bars look attractive anyway.

Advantages of glued beams from spruce

What are the advantages of glued beams? There are many of them, and the key ones are the following:

  • Highest bending strength. As mentioned above, the material demonstrates excellent strength characteristics. Its bending strength is especially good, because at the strongest loads it does not deform and does not crack.
  • Excellent insulation parameters. The high level of heat and sound insulation can be explained in this case by several factors. The first reason is the very multi-layered structure, through which a reliable barrier is formed, which prevents heat from "leaking". The second factor - the tight fit of the elements in the construction of the box house. There are no gaps between them, which eliminates the appearance of drafts.
  • Simple stacking technology. It is really very easy to build a building using glued beams. After all, the material does not require additional processing, to involve any construction equipment or to apply to highly qualified workers is not required.
  • A variety of applications. At the moment, hundreds, if not thousands, of standard projects have already been prepared for glued beams. The developer can choose a suitable option in advance, and then specifically to purchase the required amount of material. As a result, he will definitely get a building, the area and interior of which will fully meet his needs.

Thus, glued beam is an incredibly practical material. And now it is especially in demand, which is completely natural.

How to determine a quality glued beam

How to make a glued beam? The main difference of the material is that it does not have an integral structure, but a multilayer one. In essence, such a beam is a few boards glued together. They are glued under intense pressure, so the finished material has incredible strength. They also increase due to the fact that the individual boards are stacked with the intersection of the direction of the fibers. To increase the practicality of the glued beam is equipped with a grooved mounting system, it also undergoes a protective treatment. And only after that it goes on sale.

To determine the quality of the beam and further order the project of the gazebo, you should invite product quality certificates. They will guarantee the use of safe water-based adhesive and in general compliance with all regulations and recommendations. Products must be made of slats without signs of rot, too large knots, cracks or fractures. In general, the quality of the material depends on the slats and glue, so they should be considered when checking.

Our certificates

Glued beam from our company - high quality material. This is confirmed by the presence of certificates.

These are documents confirming the quality, environmental friendliness, absence of harmful substances in the composition, etc. You can get acquainted with the certificates on our website. We also offer to invite all documents confirming the quality from our operators.

From us you can order projects of arbours according to the preferences. Contact our specialists to clarify all the details and get advice.