In particular, glued beams due to its multilayer construction has increased strength. In its production, wood raw materials undergo a drying stage, losing most of the moisture. The surface of the beam is carefully polished in the factory, so the walls of Finnish houses made of this material do not need to be sheathed, pasted and painted.

A variety of objects are erected from glued wood: residential buildings (cottages, village houses, dachas), baths, garages, gazebos, fences. Finnish houses are especially in demand.

Advantages of a glued bar for the house

Finnish wooden houses are a standard of quality, reliability and style. This is not the end of their benefits.

Ease of construction

Glued beams are distinguished by the presence of special locking joints. This guarantees a high erection speed. It is possible to build the house literally in 2-5 days depending on its sizes and complexity as a whole.

Resistance to deformation

The structure from a glued beam, created on the Finnish technology, pleasantly surprises with resistance to deformation, and also to mechanical damages, atmospheric precipitations, temperature differences.

The need for processing

Finishing as such is not required. The material has a beautiful wood texture. The surface is smooth, so if desired, you can implement any design ideas.


The price for a Finnish house is reasonable. It is more affordable than the price of a similar solid wood structure, but higher than a house using other materials. The uniqueness of such structures in their long-term operation, aesthetics and reliability.

Design Finnish houses with beams

We offer to buy a Finnish house, built according to a typical project. This solution is good, because in such a building is already thought out:

  • ergonomics;
  • planning;
  • sufficient usable area;
  • reliability and safety;
  • aesthetic component.

To buy such a Finnish house is an ideal solution that you will not have to regret.

Advantages of glued spruce beam

Thanks to the affordable price of Finnish glued beam houses, many people are interested in this material. It is not superfluous to get acquainted with its positive qualities.

Advantages of glued beam:

  • minimum amount of moisture;
  • almost no shrinkage;
  • easy installation method;
  • excellent thermal insulation performance;
  • the material "breathes", as well as a usual bar;
  • high biostability;
  • aesthetically attractive surface;
  • resistance to cracking and deformation.

Especially high-quality raw materials are selected for the production of glued beams. From the Carpathian spruce, grown in the mountains, cut blanks in the form of lamellae, which are thin boards. The material is dried in chambers. Glue is applied to the lamella, then the beam is glued under the press. This creates a very durable material that has all the advantages of natural wood. The final stage of production is the processing of beams on high-precision machines and polishing. At the exit we have a product with a perfect profile, neat grooves and chamfers.

Since the application of glue is not a solid layer, but in the form of a grid, the wood retains the ability to transmit moisture and air. A building made of this material is as comfortable and environmentally friendly as a traditional wooden structure made of chopped logs or beams of natural moisture.

One-story Finnish wooden houses made of glued beams are unusually energy efficient, so they do not need to be insulated with mineral wool and foam. The advantage of the material is that it has a perfectly smooth surface, the correct shape. Finnish houses built of this material are not prone to shrinkage, their tightness always remains at a high level.

To achieve the maximum effect of thermal insulation, builders lay a sealant in the form of a tape between the crowns. This technique eliminates expensive and lengthy work on the caulking of Finnish wooden houses.

Our certificates

If you are going to buy a Finnish house, we offer you to make sure of high quality products. This is evidenced by certificates. They confirm not only the quality but also the environmental friendliness of our products.

With us you will get a spectacular in appearance and with excellent performance Finnish house. It will be dominated by a pleasant microclimate, light spruce aroma and picturesque wood structure as a finish. And the price of a Finnish house is acceptable.