The decision on the choice of strategy of the construction process, materials, time, place and many other nuances can not be entrusted to anyone else, to delve into all this is necessary for the customer. From the foundation to the roof - everything must be taken into account and calculated to the smallest detail. The choice of material from which the house will be built plays an important role. Whether it is a brick, a round log or a bar, depends on personal preferences, each material has its own preferences. One of the good options is glued beams made of Carpathian spruce, which grew on specially designated areas in the mountains.

Features of the material

The technology of glued beam production was developed in the late seventies of the last century in Austria, then spread around the world. A distinctive feature of this material is its finishing in the production process, grinding is carried out on the outer and inner sides, which further facilitates processing or even eliminates it. Presence of a profile on the mounted surfaces provides reliable thermal insulation.

Erection of any building from a glued beam differs in simplicity of installation, at designing length of each beam, all assembly apertures, and also connection of cups is calculated. In this regard, no additional work is required to prepare the material for installation. But that is why all work must be carried out by professionals, the deviation on the horizon is considered critical. If during the construction of a round log there are differences in the height of the corners, it can be corrected by selecting the diameter of the next crown, and in the case of profiled beams, all crowns have the same width and height. It is also necessary to consider that at connection of locks between a bar jute, similar to a tow keeps within. If it is of poor quality, cracks may appear, which will lead to a mismatch on the subsequent crowns.

All this is quite difficult, especially for a person who has not encountered such issues before. An excellent solution is the construction of turnkey timber houses. You can entrust us with this work, and we will do everything quickly and efficiently.

Why glued spruce beam?

The advantage of glued beams is recognized environmental friendliness. It is made of a board by gluing by special glue of a natural origin. A plus in favor of the choice of this material is the fact that during production, before gluing, the material is dried. It has a humidity below natural, so it does not take time to shrink the structure.

The profile provides a reliable coupling of a bar between crowns. In addition, the mounting studs that run inside the walls do not allow the formation of skew structure. When the humidity of the environment changes, the effect of swelling of the wood will not occur, which also leads to various distortions of the house, the rise or subsidence of the corners.

As a material glued beam, the production of which is a high-tech process, occupies an honorable place in the hierarchy of building materials of natural origin. It is worth noting that, like any wood product, it is exposed to fungal and mold. In order to prevent deterioration of the appearance, it is necessary to perform antiseptic treatment of the beam. It is carried out after the end of installation of a bar in three stages. First of all it is necessary to remove from surfaces of a stain and other dirt which has appeared in the course of construction. If there are stains that are absorbed into the beam, it is necessary to further whiten it by applying a special solution. In the second stage, the antiseptic treatment itself is performed. The third stage is re-treatment by the same means. To reduce the risk of blackening of the beam, it is recommended to treat it with a special mixture.

What is included in turnkey construction?

Trusting us to build houses from a bar, you receive at once a complex of works. These include:

  • construction of the foundation;
  • installation of roofs and walls;
  • installation of window and door structures;
  • laying of engineering networks;
  • painting and grinding of material;
  • interior decoration at the request of the client;
  • small construction works;
  • selection of landscape design;
  • installation of auxiliary systems if necessary.

You do not need to worry about anything. The result of working with us - high-quality and fast construction of a house from a beam, which can be entered immediately. The structure will delight with ecological purity, aesthetics and durability. The total construction time is from 5 to 20 days, depending on the complexity of the structure and area. Questions left? Contact our specialists for advice.