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Glued laminated timber in Dnipro

The beam is dry glued
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The glued material is high-tech and durable material. It is made of the Carpathian spruce, with use of ecological glue on a water basis, does not contain formaldehyde. It is made by gluing lamellas on width crossroads. Humidity of a bar to 14%.
Клеєний брус - високотехнологічний та довговічний матеріал. Виготовлений з карпатської смереки, з використанням екологічного клею на водній основі, що не містить формальдегіди. Виготовляється шляхом склеювання ламелей по ширині перетину. Вологість брусу до до 14%. Для більшої міцності виготовляється в два етапи: Перший етап - склеювання ламелей по ширині перетину. Другий етап - склеювання балок, отриманих в першому етапі, між собою.
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Finnish houses made of glued beams
08/26 2021
Finnish houses made of glued beams
Glued beams are in many respects superior to conventional lumber.
Construction of buildings from a turnkey glued beam
08/26 2021
Construction of buildings from a turnkey glued beam
The construction of the house is associated with a huge financial, moral and information load.
Glued profiled spruce beam
08/26 2021
Glued profiled spruce beam
Glued beam - a very interesting material for construction, made on the basis of natural wood.

Glued beam in the Dnieper: why choose this material?

Glued beam - a high-tech material that differs favorably from many analogues. It pleases with resistance to environmental factors, long service life without loss of primary characteristics, and also simplicity of carrying out installation works. If you plan to buy a glued beam in the Dnieper, you should learn more about this material, get acquainted with the benefits and features of selection.

Glued beam in Dnipro from the producer

Country houses from a glued beam differ from usual wooden objects by higher thermal characteristics, ideally equal designs and the increased durability. Glued beam is a material assembled from many individual boards - slats. Due to the multilayer structure, the product is much stronger and more durable compared to solid wood.

Ecological glue based on polyurethane or lignin isolated from natural wood is used for gluing lamellas. Due to the unique composition of the glue, the created product does not have a negative impact on human health. Glulam beams are as environmentally friendly as traditional wooden buildings.

Advantages of glued beams

Positive features of glued beams:

  • high strength indicators;
  • minimum percentage of shrinkage (only 2%);
  • the material does not crack;
  • high resistance to rot;
  • resistance to deformation;
  • great appearance;
  • convenient installation method;
  • possibility of laying of intercrown heaters;
  • practically no processing is required;
  • dimensions and shape are perfectly accurate;
  • the material remains vapor permeable, like ordinary wood.

Despite the multilayer structure, glued wood "breathes" in the same way as solid wood. This means that moisture does not stay in the glued beam building. The steam passes between the fibers of the wall material and evaporates outwards. In this regard, houses made of glued beams are as comfortable as ordinary wooden structures.

The increased characteristics of durability and the big length of a beam (to 18 meters) allow to erect buildings with very spacious rooms without internal columns.

When building walls, you do not need to perform time-consuming woodworking operations, as the glued beam is perfectly fitted and sanded in the factory. By assembling the walls on the principle of the designer, builders save energy and time. In addition, the task is simplified through the use of intercrown synthetic seals that allow you to replace the tow. The erected building does not require caulking, because no gaps are formed between the crowns, the structures are completely airtight.

Country houses made of glued beams are much warmer than simple wooden buildings. They require less firewood for heating, so this type of property is suitable for permanent residence.

Recommendations for material selection

When choosing a glued beam in Dnepropetrovsk, pay attention to the size. They are determined by the next area of ​​use - building a house, bath, gazebo and more. For living quarters, the thickness of the beam should be from 20 cm. You should also pay attention to the thickness of the lamella. Performance increases with decreasing this indicator. In other words, the thinner the board, the better the material.

If you need a glued bar in the Dnieper, contact our company. Competent operators will tell you all the interesting information, help with the selection and guide the price. Call us at the phone numbers found at the top of this page.