However, it is seriously different from the usual beam. Its characteristics are determined by a unique structure, which is described in detail below. It is worth noting that the prices are reasonable, so the material is valued.

Prices for glued profiled beams per cubic meter

It is possible to contact our consultants, who will answer any questions, acquaint with prices, advise, help with the calculation of the material.

What are the advantages of glued beams? There are a lot of them.

  1. High bending strength. Because the material consists of several layers, it successfully resists the most intense mechanical stress. As a result, the glued beam does not crack for a long time, the structures are not deformed.
  2. Minimal shrinkage. The humidity of the wood from which this material is made is minimal. Therefore, after the building is erected, it is not necessary to expect its intensive shrinkage. In principle, the owner may soon begin further work on the arrangement of the house.
  3. Good insulation parameters. The high level of heat and sound insulation in this case can be obtained due to the fact that the beam is made in several layers, and laid it on the groove-ridge principle, which eliminates the appearance of through cracks.
  4. High antiseptic properties. Ordinary wood can be affected by the fungus. Glued beam, in turn, is protected from mold. Of course, the treatment loses its strength over time, but the first time the owner does not have to further process the material with protective compounds.
  5. Simple laying technology. When using glued beams, the developer seriously simplifies the task, because it is easy to mount the material, it takes a minimum of effort. Especially now the glued beam is initially delivered in ready sets, sufficient for assembly of the house under the chosen project.

Glued profiled beam is ideal for the construction of various structures, for which it is valued, and the price is as loyal as possible.

Types of glued profiled beams that we do

Types of profiled glued beams depend on the size of the section. The most popular options:

  • 120x170 mm;
  • 120x200 mm;
  • 160x170 mm;
  • 160x200 mm;
  • 200x170 mm;
  • 200x200 mm;
  • 200x220 mm;
  • 200x270 mm;
  • 240x200 mm;
  • 240x220 mm;
  • 300x200 mm;
  • 300x220 mm;
  • 300x270 mm;

Technology of manufacturing glued profiled beams

The most important feature of this product is a multilayer structure. Each beam is made of several boards. Usually they are from 3 to 12. They are glued under intense pressure on the resulting material perform groove-ridge system. Also, the glued beam goes through drying before entering the market.

The result is a building material, which has a fairly large list of positive qualities.

Step-by-step algorithm for the production of profiled glued beams:

  • sorting - allows to eliminate deformed and defective wood;
  • drying in drying chambers - is carried out under continuous control for achievement of the set characteristics on humidity;
  • production of blanks - damaged areas are cut from the material, then it is cut into lamellae and start splicing lengthwise;
  • gluing - is performed under the press for penetration of environmentally friendly water-based glue into all pores of wood (necessarily the necessary thickness is taken into account);
  • profiling is planing and cutting of a ready beam on length, and also formation of groove connections as the lock for convenience of fastening;
  • packing - to prevent damage during transportation, sending to the warehouse.

Carpathian spruce is used as a material. It allows you to get the material at a more affordable price, but with excellent performance.

Where to use profiled beams

Due to the fact that the price of profiled glued wall beam is low, it has a wide scope. In particular, he is involved in the construction of buildings.

  1. Dwelling house. They are considered a standard in the construction of strong and monolithic buildings, which replace the already obsolete and physically and functionally analogs of the log house. The reason is the excellent thermal insulation properties, durability, original appearance.
  2. Complex bent structures. These include ice rinks, folding roofs, water parks, shopping malls, road bridges and more.
  3. Farm and other buildings for home use. It can be a variety of guest houses, gazebos.
  4. Religious buildings. Often the material is chosen for the production of churches and temples.
  5. Carpentry. The material is relevant for the production of railings, stairs, doors, window sills, windows, furniture.

When selecting the appropriate material, be guided by the required thermal conductivity, board length, environmental friendliness and naturalness (can be determined by the presence of light healthy knots). Also, the material must be homogeneous in composition and with tightly fitted joints of the slats.

In general, although glued beams cost an average price, it can certainly be called one of the most practical materials on the market today. Focusing on this product, the developer will not be disappointed. Contact our consultants to place an order and send an operational batch of materials.