If used correctly, it will be possible to erect a building not only with a pleasant appearance, but also with a whole set of practical advantages. It is necessary to understand what kind of material it is and what features it gives a residential object.

The process of manufacturing glued structural beams

Scheme of production of structural beams.

  1. Sorting of wood. It necessarily includes careful selection of material. Damaged, with cracks or other defects spruce wood boards are not used in the manufacture.
  2. Drying. To do this, use drying chambers with powerful equipment. The procedure is performed under constant control to achieve the desired humidity.
  3. Production of blanks. There are two independent stages. First, the material is sent to the machines to remove all damaged areas. After that, it is cut into lamellae and spliced ​​along its entire length.
  4. Bonding. For these purposes, use environmentally friendly water-based adhesive. The procedure itself is performed under a powerful press, so that the glue penetrates into all pores and guarantees perfect adhesion. The number of slats in the structural beam is determined taking into account the required thickness.
  5. Profiling. The procedure consists in cutting the finished beam lengthwise and planing. To do this, in the body of the workpiece form locking connections - grooves, calibrated for size. This later simplifies assembly.
  6. Packing. The spruce material is packed to avoid defects during transportation and sent to the warehouse.

We use exclusively Carpathian spruce for the production of glued structural beams. And the trees grow on a specially designated area for felling in mountainous areas. Due to this, the finished construction material is really high quality and durable.

Advantages of glued beams from spruce

Structural glued beam has many advantages. The main advantages of glued beams.

  1. Reliability and durability. This material does not deform even under very strong mechanical loads. Accordingly, the structures are strong and durable. This is achieved, again, due to the special arrangement of the slats.
  2. Low humidity. The level of humidity of the wood used for production of a glued beam is minimum. This means that houses built of this material, almost do not shrink.
  3. High heat and sound insulation. In terms of insulation, glued beam walls prove to be excellent. The houses which turn out at its use, it is easy to thaw with the minimum expenses. And the noise from the street walls of glued beams are almost impermeable.
  4. Ease of installation. Thanks to the presence of special grooves, the assembly of any structure from the material is quick and easy.
  5. Excellent strength. The finished structure will be able to withstand even significant loads, thanks to the excellent characteristics of the wood itself.
  6. Environmental friendliness. Glued structural beams from spruce pleases with qualitative indicators, including air permeability, preservation of heat, resistance to moisture and ecological cleanliness.

And also the material pleasantly surprises with beauty. It has a unique texture pattern. Another material is able to "breathe", ie it passes moisture through itself and gives off heat. It is worth noting the loyal prices, especially for wholesale purchases.

How to determine a quality glued beam

There are several factors that will indicate the quality of the beam. In particular, the following should be taken into account:

  • on lamellas there should be no cracks and fractures as it will provoke depressurization of seams;
  • processing of boards should be qualitative without the remains of bark as under it the insects destroying a tree structure can hide;
  • the presence of falling knots - a taboo for quality wood;
  • Rotten areas and mold on good material should also be excluded.

Quality beam - a material produced in accordance with GOST and standards. It must have the appropriate size, water-based glue.

Our certificates

The quality of our glued beams is indicated by the presence of certificates. They confirm that the technical characteristics of the material are correct and meet all standards.

It contains only water-based glue. Due to this, the proposed material meets environmental norms and standards, which is also reflected in the certificate. You can read all the documentation on our website or request it from the manager.

Options for the manufacture of structural beams

What is a glued beam? Compared to the classic beam, this material is similar, apparently, only in cross section. In other respects there are noticeable differences. So, each beam of glued type consists of several lamellas. There are usually up to four of them. The slats in the construction of glued beams are stacked with the intersection of layers of wood, making them incredibly stiff and strong.

The procedure of sorting, preparation and drying before gluing is mandatory. This is done to increase the strength and resistance to external negative factors of the material.

The material may have different connections of the slats:

  • vertical - suitable for horizontal loads;
  • horizontal - better copes with vertical loads.

Bonding of products is carried out only after building up of material to the necessary length. Additionally, in this product perform fasteners, ie grooves and ridges. The material is already processed in the production of protective compounds that protect the wood from damage. The result is a complex structural beam with excellent performance characteristics.

Technical information:

  • height - from 170 to 270 mm;
  • width - from 120 to 300 mm;
  • length - from 1 to 18 m;
  • humidity - 12% with an error of 2%.

You can get acquainted with the prices in the product catalog. You can also contact the operators, who will answer all questions and help with ordering. In general, glued structural beam is one of the best materials for the construction of buildings. It has a low cost with excellent characteristics - retains heat in the house, has virtually no shrinkage, pleases environmental friendliness and durability, allows you to get smooth walls for ease of subsequent finishing work. Additionally, you can mount insulation. The material itself is resistant to the destructive activity of bacteria, mold, fungi, insects. It has become quite common, and is suitable for the construction of almost any building - houses, baths, gazebos, gazebos.

Want to buy a glued structural beam in Kiev? Contact our company. We offer high quality material from Carpathian spruce at a fair price.