The beam glued by forces of experts of our company is made of the Carpathian spruce. The advantages of using coniferous wood are resistance to precipitation plus ease of processing. Carpathian spruce has a high content of essential oils, which allows you to use glued wooden beams for exterior and interior work.

Production technology

Do you want to buy glued beams? Experts recommend getting acquainted with the production technology, which helps to correctly determine the scope.

Working technology.

  1. Procurement of raw materials. Pre-selected wood is sawn and dried in special chambers.
  2. Sorting. Selection of blanks, which helps at the initial stage to exclude the use of damaged boards.
  3. Planing of preparations. Eliminates gaps between laths, provides quality of coupling.
  4. Pasting. Ecological water-based glue is used for the production of glued beams in Kyiv. It does not contain formaldehyde, which affects the safety of the composition.
  5. Pressing. Under the influence of pressure there is a uniform distribution of glue that excludes defects of finished material.
  6. Profiling. Use of the special tool helps to give to a glued bar the necessary form, gives smoothness of a surface. Plus: at this stage, the masters cut grooves for locking individual elements.

Strict adherence to production technology is a guarantee of excellent material quality. Plus: glued beam the price remains at an adequate level.

Glulam in Ukraine: advantages

Among the advantages of the material from the Carpathian spruce experts highlight:

  • minimal shrinkage (eliminates the need to defend the walls);
  • preservation of exact geometry in the course of operation (a secret in qualitative preliminary drying of raw materials);
  • relatively low weight;
  • without restrictions on length (depending on wishes of the customer it is possible to buy a glued beam in Ukraine up to 18 meters long);
  • wide scope of application (it is possible to use at construction of difficult architectural designs);
  • ease of installation thanks to the locking connection.

An important point: if you want to buy glued beams in Kiev, experts recommend choosing a reliable material for insulation of joints. Otherwise, cold air may enter the room.

Secrets of choosing glued beams

Is there a desire to buy glued beams made in Ukraine? Experts recommend choosing the right size. The parameter depends on the area of ​​application of the material. Expert advice: the thickness of the glued beam that will be used to build the walls must be at least 20 cm.

The second parameter of the correct choice is the thickness of the lamella. A simple rule: the thinner the board, the better the performance of the material.

Interested in durable material? We offer to buy glued beams from the producer in Ukraine. The main raw material is Carpathian spruce, which grows in mountainous areas where there are no industrial facilities. Contact our operators for more information. Current phone numbers are listed at the top of the page.